Dr Tina Mistry, UK trained Psychologist, Consultant, Speaker, Podcast Host, Writer, Founder of The Brown Therapist Network and Co founder of Another Mother Story.

Dr Mistry is an experienced consultant who works with start ups, tech companies across the world to help them develop services and products that are culturally inclusive.


She has experience working with media and social media. Dr Mistry has provided expert opinions for tv, contributed to articles in magazines and the press.  Dr Mistry has also appeared on podcasts, online webinars and  has featured in mental health documentary. 

Areas of expertise:

  • South Asian Mental Health

  • Trauma and intergenerational trauma in South Asian communities

  • Impact of Patriarchy on South Asian women and men

  • Acculturation in South Asian communities and mental health 

  • Maternal Mental Health in South Asian Women 

  • Identity and belonging South Asian therapists 


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Supporting brown therapists 

In order to support South Asian therapists, we have established the Brown Therapist Network: a private community platform for networking, collaborating, training, and resources. 

Brown Therapist Network provides:

  • Curated South Asian-specific resources and training

  • A safe space for South Asian therapists

  • Professional and personal development

  • A global community of diverse therapists

  • No tie-ins - you can cancel your membership at any time.