This is why I work with South Asian mothers to provide the necessary support and recognition of the specific issues we often face.

Becoming a mother can be a wonderful and turbulent time.

But in my experience as a mental health professional and as a South Asian woman, I have found a lack of cultural sensitivity for women from South Asian backgrounds trying to access services.


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Capturing authentic stories around

South Asian Motherhood 

‘An’other Mother Story is an anthology of personal narratives, poetry, and interviews around the many faces of Motherhood within the South Asian community. 

We’re reaching out into communities to share authentic stories which highlight the unique experience of Motherhood from those of a South Asian background to the rest of the world.

Along with our website-in-development, we aim to be a one-stop location, whether you are a Mother, a Mother-to-be, or a Mother who may never be, to hear the real perspectives around the myriad of factors Motherhood can bring. 


The upcoming anthology of hand-selected stories is due to be published by Tattva Press in late 2021.

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Working with South Asian women at the point of their journey into Motherhood is vital;

we know that this period has lasting impact on the mother, the baby, and the rest of the immediate family. 

Asking for specialised help at this time will not only allow Mothers to heal their pain of their past,

but will also enable them to engage with their infant and family at a deeper level.

Did you know that the pain and hurt we experience is not our own?

We inherit patterns of sensitivity to situations.

As a result, we react to situations that may feel threatening to us in the same ways our parents may have done.


Let’s break the cycles of repetitive hurt and blame.

Let’s educate and raise awareness for our future generations.


The Brown Brave Women Group is a space for South Asian women to find an online community.


In this Facebook group, we share our experiences, support each other, and learn together. 

The group is free to join, but members must agree to our rules of respect, kindness, and confidentiality.


If you would prefer one-to-one sessions, I also offer therapy for South Asian men and women who are struggling with feelings of anxiety, low mood and trauma. 

Book in for a free, no-obligation 15 minute consultation to see if we both agree we can work together.


Finding the right therapist is crucial, so I encourage you to contact others to find the best fit for you. 


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