It has been highlighted through research that South Asian Mothers face health inequalities during the perinatal period.


We understand this is a complex issue for organisations to try and unpack alone.


We are a team of psychologists that have experience of working with this population and want to work with organisations collaboratively to create spaces where we can guide healthcare workers in creating positive working relationships with South Asian mothers.


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Peer Supervision & Training

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'An'other Mother Story:

Capturing authentic stories around

South Asian Motherhood 

‘An’other Mother Story is an anthology of personal narratives, poetry, and interviews around the many faces of Motherhood within the South Asian community. 

We’re reaching out into communities to share authentic stories which highlight the unique experience of Motherhood from those of a South Asian background to the rest of the world.

Through over 20 years of combined experience, we as psychologists will also be providing our standpoint around specific areas surrounding South Asian mothering through literature and research, with the goal to provide implications and recommendations when working with these ‘othered’ mothers.


The upcoming anthology of hand-selected stories is due to be published by Tattva Press in late 2021.

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I am always open to working with new people, in order to share knowledge and raise awareness of South Asian Maternal Mental Health.

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At Brown Psychologist, we have worked with journalists on many occasions to highlight the important work we do.

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